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Men’s Health Magazine

Sex can be a beautiful expression of intimacy between mature adults. Or it can be totally and randomly disgusting. Here’s what you can do when the latter happens

“It’s a kinky conversation,” says Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry of All About Sex, the late night series she co-hosts Saturdays on TLC. Think 30-minutes of The View, only hornier, and with drinking games. “It’s the kind of conversation you’ve been wanting to have all week, and you haven’t had the girlfriends around to have it.”

4 Non-Juice Cleanses and Detoxes to Try

These detox plans, from a makeup vacation to a digital detox, will help reboot your relationships, finances, beauty routine, and more.

Nine Tips To A Happy Marriage

Marriage is one of the few things in life that we dive into expecting to succeed, even if we’ve never done it before. But with 41% of first-time marriages ending in divorce, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, the newly wedded and beyond are quick to ponder: What’s the secret to getting your “happily ever after?”

YouTube Abuse Outing: May Not Be The Best Way To Heal

Would You Confront Your Abuser & Post It On YouTube? Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry writes about one woman’s brave decision and why her choice may not be right for everyone.

Bedroom Tips

How do couple’s decide if their bedroom habits are weird? Dr. Tiff drops by The Steve Harvey Show to help couples determine if their bedroom habits are weird.